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Continuous Engineering Services

Structural Engineering, 

Precast-Prestressed Concrete Engineering 

and Construction Administration

Who We Are

Developing buildings is a complex process. It involves time, funds, space, energy and most importantly people with the right skills and experience. Your mission to realize a dream of building a great facility is our mission as well. Our field of expertise involves structural engineering and construction administration for buildings and components. We are experienced professional engineers. We work with architects, contractors, manufacturers, material suppliers, owners and city officials to make magnificent structures that are safe and economical for our communities.


What We Do

  • Structural analysis, design and construction administration of wide variety of projects constructed with poured-in-place concrete, precast-prestressed and post-tensioned concrete, steel, masonry and wood;
  • Preparation of construction documents and specifications including structural drawings, precast concrete shop drawings, production tickets, bill of materials and erection sequence. 
  • We stand responsible for all phases of project development from design through bidding and construction administration to architects, contractors and owners of commercial, public, industrial, infrastructure and transportation buildings;
  • Meet schedule and budget requirements;
  • Coordinate structural design items with other engineering disciplines for space and load requirements;
  • Conduct site observations during construction and verify availability of materials;
  • Verify quality control test reports and shop drawings for conformance to bid documents;
  • Provide solution for various types of structural defects and assess property conditions during and after construction;
  • Evaluate load bearing capacity of existing structures;
  • Resolve unforeseen field conditions;
  • Engineering of structural and architectural precast-prestressed concrete components for buildings and other structures. The components include: wall panels (solid and insulated), double-tee panels (floor, roof and wall), flat slabs, hollow-core slabs, stair slabs, inverted tee beams, ledger beams, columns and stadium seats;
  • Precast concrete component stripping, storing, transportation and erection process analysis;
  • Research and develop precast concrete component handling hardware and devices;
  • Investigate load-carrying capacity of embedded device, concrete strength and minimum depth and edge distance requirements;
  • Review concrete formwork drawings and specifications and determine possibilities for layout inside/outside production facility;
  • Construction management for building the foundations and installation of abutments and anchorage for formwork of prestressed concrete components;
  • Design and develop precast concrete production inventory, including component lifting accessories, spreader beams, panel storage racks, etc.
  • Perform research and development for production that can lead to more efficient manufacturing processes and have cost reducing effect.